Legal bases and Work of associations

Legal bases

Saxon law for the health professions

Law on the exercise of the profession, professional associations and jurisdiction of doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, pharmacists, psychologists and psychotherapists for children and young people in the Free State of Saxony of 24 May 1994, as last amended by Article 18 of the Act of 21 May 2021 (SächsHKaG)

Saxony Insurance Supervision Act

Law on Insurance Supervision of the Utilities of the Liberal Professions in the Free State of Saxony of 7 November 2007 (SächsVAG)

Articles of Association of the Sächsisches Ärzteversorgung

Articles of Association (PDF, German) as amended on 28 June 2008.

Work of associations

SÄV is a member of the Consortium of Professional Pension Institutions e.V. - the umbrella organisation of compulsory public pension schemes for members of the hidden liberal professions. In this capacity, ABS provides a platform for the exchange of information and experience between the utilities. However, it also represents their interests in relation to policy and other pension institutions.
In order to coordinate the specific interests of the professions, we are a member of the Standing Conference ‘Medical Benefits and Welfare’ of the Federal Medical Association and the ‘Standing Conference of Benefits for Veterinary Surgeons’.

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