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Do you start working as a doctor or veterinarian in Saxony? We are looking forward to meeting you!

By registering with the Saxon State Medical Association or the Saxon State Veterinary Chamber, you will become a compulsory member of the Saxon Medical Care department at the same time, as long as you have not yet reached the standard age limit and are not incapable of working.

We are pleased if you register with us with the form below: For a simple membership from the beginning.

Form:  Questionnaire for new applications (PDF, German)

An exemption is possible at:

  • Officials,
  • Temporary and professional soldiers, as well as at
  • Non-practice of the medical/veterinarian profession.

If these exemptions are omitted, compulsory membership and obligation to contribute will arise again if all conditions are met.

Members of the Saxon Medical Service (säv), who are subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance (GRV) due to a dependent employment, may be exempted from the compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance (GRV) from the beginning of their membership in the säv for the benefit of the pension scheme (Section 6 (1) No. 1 SGB VI).

Submission of applications
In order for the exemption to take effect from the start of the activity, the application must be submitted within three months of the commencement of medical or veterinary activity. If the application is not submitted to us in due time, the exemption only takes effect from the day of electronic receipt by the Saxon Medical Pension Fund, i.e. not retroactively to the start of work. In this case, there will be double membership in SÄV and GRV – and subsequently a double obligation to contribute.

In the event of any further change in employment, the exemption must be requested once again within the time limit. From now on, this is possible electronically only. This link will take you to the e-exemption application.

Exemption notice
As soon as you receive the exemption notice, submit it to the employer in the original. Exempted members pay us the same amount that would have been payable to the GRV without exemption.

Clarify with your employer,

  • Whether the employee’s share is retained and transferred to us by the employer together with the employer’s subsidy; or
  • Whether the employer’s share should be paid together with the salary to you. In this case, you pay the contribution (employer grant + employee share) to us monthly.


Your employer has already paid compulsory contributions to the GNP relating to the periods of the exemption now in force? Then, in consultation with your employer, apply as soon as possible for reimbursement at the collection office (health fund) and forward to us the reimbursed contributions (employer and employee share).

Status determination procedures

If there are uncertainties in assessing the social security status of your activity – whether it is to be regarded as dependent or self-employed – it is advisable to carry out a status determination procedure. Applications to initiate such proceedings can be found on the website of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund.

The application must be submitted within one month of the start of employment. The GRV is solely responsible for the procedure. It is advisable to carry out the entire procedure in close coordination with the respective contracting authority/contracting partner.

In the event of a change of the pension scheme, there is in principle the possibility of transferring contributions, provided that:

  • Work is transferred before the age of 50 to the responsibility of another pension scheme; and
  • Contributions have not yet been paid in the previous pension scheme for more than 96 months.

The deadline for application is 6 months from the start of membership of the newly competent pension scheme. The transfer can be requested from both the receiving and the supply plant (transmission request as PDF, German). Our employees inform about the individual requirements and consequences of a transfer.

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