Contributions from transitional fees

Since 01.01.2023, temporary soldiers who receive transitional allowances and have been subsequently insured in accordance with § 186 SGB VI have been exempt from compulsory pension insurance in accordance with § 3 sentence 1 number 2b SGB VI. Therefore, the Federal Ministry of Defence pays contributions from transitional allowances to the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung for members whose subsequent insurance has been carried out in line with § 186 SGB VI. § Section 11b, paragraph 5 of the Soldiers' Pensions Act was amended to this effect.

It is also possible, upon application, to redirect the contributions already paid to the statutory pension insurance to the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung for the period 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2022 in the case of subsequent insurance already carried out before this new regulation came into force. This application for retroactive exemption from compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance for recipients of transitional fees must be submitted to the German Pension Insurance Association by 31.07.2023 at the latest.

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