Change of supply

Intra-EEA/FRD transfers

All German pension schemes participate both in the European (VOen (EEC) 1408/71, 574/72) and in the intra-German coordination procedure. This means that compulsory membership is in principle mandatory in the European country of the EEA or in the Land where the profession is practised (principle of localisation).

Voluntary membership or redemption of paid contributions is only possible to a limited extent. On the other hand, the periods of pre-insurance are recognised in the social security schemes/pension schemes involved. This is particularly important for the achievement of waiting times, which are a condition for performance in many countries. In the event of a pension, partial pensions are paid in accordance with the local rules and the contributions or periods of residence paid (apportionment).

Reconciliation of contributions

Sächsische Ärzteversorgung (Sächsische Ärzteversorgung) has concluded transitional agreements with other German professional utilities. Model Transition Agreement (PDF, German) On request, information on the conditions and consequences of a transition shall be provided on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, there is a possibility of transferring contributions to the new competent pension scheme if, before reaching the age of 50, the professional activity is transferred to the remit of another pension scheme and no contributions have yet been paid in the previous pension scheme for more than 96 months. The deadline for submitting an application is, in principle, 6 months from the date of commencement of membership of the new competent pension scheme.
In the event of a change in the supply chain within Germany, there is in principle the possibility of an oversubscription of contributions (PDF, German).

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