Employed members who are exempt from compulsory insurance in statutory pension insurance pay the same contribution they would have to pay as a member of the statutory pension insurance, at least the minimum contribution.

For 2024 the contribution rate is 18.6 %, the ceiling is EUR 7450.00/month. Thus, anyone who reaches a monthly pensionable wage of EUR 7450.00 or more pays the maximum contribution of EUR 1385.70 per month.

Employees who continue to be subject to compulsory insurance in statutory pension insurance pay the minimum contribution. The minimum contribution is 1/10 of the employees’ maximum contribution, i.e. EUR 138.57 per month for the year 2024.

Exemption from statutory pension insurance

Members of the Saxon Medical Service (säv), who are subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance (GRV) due to a dependent employment, may be exempted from the compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance (GRV) from the beginning of their membership in the säv for the benefit of the pension scheme (Section 6 (1) No. 1 SGB VI).

Submission of applications

In order for the exemption to take effect from the start of the activity, the application must be submitted within three months of the commencement of medical or veterinary activity. If the application is not submitted to us in due time, the exemption only takes effect from the day of electronic receipt by the Saxon Medical Pension Fund, i.e. not retroactively to the start of work. In this case, there will be double membership in SÄV and GRV – and subsequently a double obligation to contribute.

In the event of any further change in employment, the exemption must be requested once again within the time limit. This link will take you to the e-exemption application.

Exemption notice

As soon as you receive the exemption notice, submit it to the employer in the original. Exempted members pay us the same amount that would have been payable to the GRV without exemption.

Clarify with your employer,

  • Whether the employee’s share is retained and transferred to us by the employer together with the employer’s subsidy; or
  • Whether the employer’s share should be paid together with the salary to you. In this case, you pay the contribution (employer grant + employee share) to us monthly.

Self-employed members pay the standard fee, i.e. the maximum annual employee contribution.

If the member wishes an income-related assessment, the reduction application (PDF, German) must be submitted by 31 May of each year and proof of the professional income of the previous year, e.g. by a copy of the income tax notice.

The application for a reduction becomes relevant only if the income is below the ceiling of the year to be fixed. The application may be made informally or by means of the form accompanying the dispatch of the annual account card at the end of each quarter each year.

The first independent member shall determine the compulsory contribution at its own discretion for the first two calendar years (lower limit: Minimum contribution). Since a lower contribution results in lower insurance coverage, the contribution level must be carefully weighed.

Members without veterinary/medical activities pay half the minimum fee. For unemployed members with reference to ALG I, with this exemption from the statutory pension insurance (GRV), the Employment Agency will, upon application, take over the contributions to the Saxon medical care.

During maternity protection and parental leave, membership in the pension scheme is non-contributory in case of continued insurance coverage, provided that no medical or veterinary activity is carried out during this period. In the case of members working in their own establishment, freedom of contribution during parental leave can only be granted under certain conditions. Our employees are at your disposal for any queries.

Members on parental leave are compulsory, but are exempt from compulsory contributions. The non-contributory periods do not increase the entitlement.
Voluntary additional payments to increase entitlement are possible.

Officials, temporary soldiers and professional soldiers pay the minimum contribution. However, you can also apply for a suspension of the obligation to contribute or the exemption from compulsory membership.

Notice of change

Change of address, change of employer, interruption of activity or establishment. Please keep us up to date and notify us of any changes relevant to your membership. Simply use our form Change notification (PDF, German).

Information on the contribution values

Doctors and veterinarians employed

Contribution rate18,6%18,6%
Contribution ceiling (EUR/month)7.100,007.450,00
Maximum contribution from statutory pension insurance (EUR/month)1.320,601.385,70
Minimum contribution (EUR/month)132,06138,57
half-minimum contribution (EUR/month)66,0369,29

Doctors and veterinarians established

Contribution rate18,6%   18,6%  
for pure professional income up to (EUR/year)85.200,0089.400,00
Standard contribution (EUR/year)15.847,2016.628,40
maximum general annual contribution39.618,0041.571,00
Maximum contribution from statutory pension insurance (EUR/quarter)3.961,804.157,10
Minimum contribution (EUR/quarter)396,18415,71

SEPA direct debit procedure

The mandate reference is composed of the membership number and capital letter A (for the first mandate) (e.g. 02-00012345-0044 A). The creditor identification number of the Saxon medical care is DE31ZZZ00000383046.

To issue a SEPA direct debit mandate, please use our SEPA direct debit form (PDF, German)

Direct debit dates 2024

January 31.01.2024July 31.07.2024
February 29.02.2024August 30.08.2024
April 30.04.2024October 30.10.2024
May 31.05.2024November 29.11.2024

Banking details

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