Contributions from sickness, injury and care support allowance

In accordance with Section 47a (1) SGB V, health insurance funds also pay pension contributions from sick pay for members who are exempt from statutory pension insurance in the event of incapacity for work.

However, this regulation only applies to members with statutory health insurance and requires an application to the health insurance fund. Contributions are paid in the amount that would have been payable to the statutory pension insurance scheme (§ 3 sentence 1 no. 3 SGB VI).

Members with statutory health insurance who have not submitted an application to their health insurance fund to have their contributions from sick pay covered do not pay any contributions to the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung for the period of illness after the end of continued payment of salary for a maximum of 72 weeks.

If you receive care support allowance in accordance with § 44 a Para. 3 SGB XI for up to ten working days per year, you can apply to pay contributions to the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung. A valid exemption from statutory pension insurance is required.

Likewise, recipients of injury benefit who are exempt from statutory pension insurance are entitled to have their pension insurance contributions paid from this injury benefit.

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