Sickness and long-term care insurance in respect of benefits

The Sächsische Ärzteversorgung is obliged by law to forward information on the receipt of care to beneficiaries with statutory health insurance to the competent health insurance fund. The health insurance fund examines whether there is an obligation to pay contributions to health and long-term care insurance from pensions. You will therefore receive a form to identify the health insurance fund with the application documents.

If you are covered by private health insurance, the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung does not pay contributions as part of the Paying Agency registration procedure. You must pay contributions yourself.

If you are covered by a statutory health insurance scheme, a distinction must be made between voluntary health insurance and compulsory insurance for pensioners (KVdR). The allocation will be carried out by the health insurance fund on the basis of your insurance requirements.

The same procedure applies to the payment of long-term care insurance contributions. The basis is the statutory contribution rate for all care insurance funds. As a general rule, the articles of association of the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung do not provide for any subsidy for sickness and long-term care insurance for both statutory and privately insured beneficiaries. Questions on the obligation to pay contributions and the amount of sickness and long-term care insurance contributions to be paid should in principle be addressed to the competent health insurance fund, as the Sächsische Ärzteversorgung is only obliged to pay the contributions.

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